The Best Youth Ministry Fundraiser


This is all you need to raise up to $10,000 with this resource.



This fundraiser could be called Project 144 or wall of money.  We just called ours the youth missions fundraiser.  We took 144 envelopes and attached them to a sweet banner we designed.  We wrote on each envelope a number from 1 to 144.  Whatever number is one the envelope is the amount that the person needs to bring back in cash.  If all 144 envelopes came back in you would raise $10,800.  Isn’t that amazing?

What’s included in the best youth ministry fundraiser kit:

  • A digital copy of a 8ft by 4ft banner that you could customized to brand with your youth ministry.
  • A detailed instruction on how to pull this awesome event off.
  • Links to all the supplies that you will need.
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